Fracking Impacts Property Values

Ever wonder what our neighbors in Pennsylvania say about fracking? If you listen to the gas industry, you might imagine an economic wonderland just south of the border. But people we’ve talked to in Pennsylvania tell a very different story — that their property values are now worthless.

Our ad, which is running on television stations throughout the Southern Tier, features real Pennsylvanians dealing personally with the effects of fracking. We need to get this message out because the oil and gas industry has been pushing out ads of their own — using their false economic growth message. The real story is much different. As Terry Greenwood says, “They don’t tell you that they’re going to ruin your water and ruin the value of your property.” And as Pam Judy says, “I’m holding a mortgage on a home I can’t give away.”

While the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has neglected to study the adverse economic impacts of fracking, we know that it spells disaster for not only our property values, but also for our agriculture, tourism, and many of our businesses. And we’re not just saying that – so are over 1,000 NY businesses in support of a ban on fracking as well as farmers, wineries and breweries, real estate agents, and economists.

The threat of fracking in New York is already being felt by the New York State real estate industry. Recently, the New York Times wrote about the threat that fracking poses to property values and the real estate industry in the Catskills:

Right now is an urgent time. Governor Cuomo will soon make a key decision about whether to open up New York to fracking. It’s time to listen to what has actually happened to folks in Pennsylvania. It’s critical that we keep this ad on the air in the Southern Tier and expand to other parts of the state so that New Yorkers can learn the truth about how fracking puts their property values at risk. Can you help us keep this ad on the air? Please donate today!

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