‘Tis The Season To Write Comments

‘Tis the season to write comments on DEC fracking regulations. We are getting frightfully fully close to the end of the 30 day comment period after all. So why not spice up our holidays a little with some good ol’ comment writing with loved ones!?

In light of this idea, my family and I had a comment station at our latest holiday party where people could gather around delicious snacks and drinks and write comments together. It was a huge success and a fabulous addition to our party.

But we’re not done yet! Everyone loves family activities during the holiday season, right? And what better activity than writing comments in protest of fracking to the DEC? During our holiday family time, comment writing will be a key pastime.

Download the gift basket, which includes all the materials you need to host your own comment writing activity during your next holiday party or family bonding time.

Here’s what to do:

1. Click this link and download all the Word Documents: http://ge.tt/46YhDBU?c 

3. Print the word files, some of the documents, such as the “what to comment on” and “directions” should have multiple copies, especially “Envelopes to DEC”

4. Create your comment area by taping up the sheets, getting pens, paper, printed envelopes, and of course the delicious snacks and drinks.

5. Get that comment party Started! Get people to write as many comments as they can. Have someone responsible to get people to the comment area, give them directions, remind them to complete all the steps entirely, answer their questions and of course keep them company.

6. Once the commenting is over, mail your comments to NYAF c/o F&WW, 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 and we’ll count and hand-deliver your comments to the DEC. Try to put each comment in envelopes with a filled out return address, if you can’t do that, then make sure to have the person writing the comment include their name and address.

7. Pat yourself on the back! Tell your friends and family! Do it tomorrow! Lets flood the DEC with comments!

- Chris Dennis
Ithaca, NY

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