Weinstein, Amanda and Mark D. Partridge. The Ohio State University, Dept. of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics. “The economic value of shale natural gas in Ohio.” December 2011.

Details typical flaws in economic impact studies used by industry to promote shale gas development , including inflated economic multipliers, unrealistic assumptions about in-state spending (and thus positive in-state economic impacts, ignored costs, and out-dated methodologies.

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Food & Water Watch. “Exposing the oil and gas industry’s false jobs promise for shale gas development: how methodological flaws grossly exaggerate job projections.” (Report). November 15, 2011.

Shows how numerous flaws, characteristic of industry-backed shale gas job projections, led to one projection being a 900 percent exaggeration of the number of new jobs that allowing drilling and fracking for shale gas would create for New Yorkers.

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