Ahead of Obama’s Visit, Mayor Matt Ryan, Local Residents and PA Fracking-Harmed Residents to Highlight Water Contamination and EPA Cover-Up

For Immediate Release: Aug. 21, 2013

Contact: Isaac Silberman-Gorn, 607-296-8265607-723-0110



Ahead of Obama’s Visit, Mayor Matt Ryan, Local Residents and PA Fracking-Harmed Residents to Highlight Water Contamination and EPA Cover-Up


Advocates to Highlight Fracking’s Acceleration of Climate Change, Negative Health Impacts as well as Multiple EPA Cover-Ups of Contamination


Binghamton – Mayor Matt Ryan, local residents and and Pennsylvanians personally affected by the hazards of fracking will gather tomorrow in advance of President Obama’s visit to the region to highlight recent cover-ups by the Environmental Protection Agency of evidence of drinking water contamination due to fracking in nearby Dimock, PA and elsewhere. The activists will also discuss how President Obama is turning a blind eye to the science on fracking including serious negative health impacts and that it dangerously exacerbates climate change.


A recent report in the Los Angeles Times revealed that EPA officials in Washington chose to close an investigation of Dimock drinking water despite evidence gathered from agency investigators in Pennsylvania which found “significant damage to the water quality,” from poisonous contamination likely caused by fracking. Evidence of drinking water contamination due to fracking was similarly ignored by the EPA in Pavillion, Wyoming and Weatherford, Texas. Last week, affected residents delivered over 50,000 petitions demanding that President Obama and EPA reopen the fracking-related water contamination investigation in PA, WY and TX.

What:  Press Conference on EPA Cover-Ups of Fracking-Tainted Drinking Water

When: 12 noon, Wednesday, August 21

Where: In front of State Office Building, 44 Hawley Street, Binghamton

Visuals: Gallons of dirty Dimock drinking water, evidence from EPA Region 3 investigation revealing water contamination in Dimock; make-shift water delivery truck used in citizens’ water delivery efforts in Dimock.

Who:  Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan and affected resident/activists including:

  • Ray Kemble – Dimock, PA resident and former gas industry employee-turned whistleblower. He has been living with obviously contaminated water for more than four years despite EPA insistence that his water is safe to drink. He now drives a makeshift water delivery truck to supply clean water to neighbors whom the EPA has ignored, supported by volunteer donations.
  • Craig Stevens – Silver Lake Township, PA resident and victim of repeated fracking-related contamination on his property. Instigated an EPA Region 3 investigation of his property after 100,000 gallons of toxic liquids were dumped there. Led the movement to alert local EPA officials to toxic contamination in the Dimock region.

In a June speech, President Obama indicated the country would take “bold action” to address climate change, but he included the use of natural gas when the science shows that methane leaks undermine its benefits, actually increasing greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbating climate change (also see here).


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