About New Yorkers Against Fracking

New Yorkers Against Fracking was created when the need arose for a broad-based coalition of New York State residents to call for a ban on the dangerous and polluting practice of fracking. The coalition includes members from every part of the state and a diverse collection of consumer advocacy, health, religious, food, and environmental organizations and dozens of grassroots groups.

New Yorkers Against Fracking received significant support from award-winning author, biologist and advocate Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., who is internationally recognized for her work uncovering and understanding the ways in which chemical contaminants in the air, water, and food endanger human health. A cancer survivor, deeply concerned for her children’s future in New York, Steingraber donated a significant portion of her recent Heinz award for lifetime achievement to provide the seed money for the coalition.

Join the Coalition

This is a coalition for any organization, group, business or institution that supports a ban on fracking in New York. To that end, we welcome any local, state, or national:

  • civic groups
  • businesses
  • faith institutions
  • hospitals and other health institutions
  • professional associations
  • labor unions
  • political clubs
  • environmental organizations
  • outdoors groups
  • social justice groups
  • farms, restaurants, breweries, and other food producers
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