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Cuomo in Hollywood!

On January 23, a small but mighty group of Los Angeles fractivists descended upon Governor Cuomo's swanky Hollywood fundraiser hosted by the head of Fox Studios. While Cuomo was there to raise money for his re-election, we were there in solidarity with our comrades from...
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Governor Cuomo, Veto Port Ambrose Now!

Curious what Governor Cuomo will do about fracking? Watch how he handles Port Ambrose. Governor Cuomo may be able to postpone a decision about fracking until after he’s safely re-elected, but sometime in the next couple of months he may be forced to take a stand...
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Save the Finger Lakes

New Yorkers should be commended for our work to keep fracking out of our state.  The science and evidence is behind us, and our efforts have been noticed throughout the world. Yet we are dropping the ball when it comes to stopping the build-out of fracking...
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